Saturday, March 17, 2007

Formula 1 racing Australian GP preview

So Raikkonen got pole in qualifying for the first Formula 1 racing event of the 2007 season. What does that tell us about the race? Not much really. Qualifying and racing is a totally different ball game. What is quite significant is that Raikkonen was able to run about a second faster in the first attempt at setting a time. Yes, Alonso did get a faster time on his second attempt to narrow the gap to four tenths, but on equal terms, assuming similar fuel strategy, Raikkonen is much faster.

Massa had the Albert Park jinx again and failed to reach the final ten, but if his car, like that of Raikkonen, is much faster than the rest of the field, a podium place is not impossible.

Alonso should have a good finish if the Mclaren lasts the distance, and Hamilton should follow in the wings of his leader.

Not to many surprises during qualifying besides Massa not completing Q2. For me the biggest disappointment is Renault not up there to fight for the lead. Is it car or is it driver? And I have to say well done to Super Aguri, beating their better funded engine suppliers. As I siad in an earlier blog, this must be crunch time for this team and a failure like this can not be taken lightly.

So now my prediction for the opening race of the 2007 Formula 1 racing season.

1. KR
2. FA
3. FM
4. RK
5. LH
6. GF

So let us see how the finish.

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